Delivering the vision

Competitive grants
The core of IWYP’s discovery program will be delivered through peer-reviewed competitive grants. These will support innovative research and discovery projects in the six key research areas.

The IWYP breeding and selection hub
IWYP will benefit from access to a research breeding hub that can be used by the wheat research and breeding communities. Run by CIMMYT, the hub will use extensive crossing and trialing, state-of-the-art marker-assisted breeding and bioinformatics to develop elite wheat lines from new germplasm arising from IWYP projects and aligned programs.

In-kind contributions
Existing researchers, funders and others working to improve wheat yield will be able to become part of IWYP and access its research facilities and contribute to IWYP research programs.

Working in partnership
IWYP is committed to working in partnership with other programs across the globe such as WISP, WHEAT, Triticeae CAP, Canadian Wheat Alliance, Breadwheat and the Wheat Initiative. By working together and sharing results and outputs, impacts can be maximized.

IWYP will also work closely with the private sector and establish a range of mechanisms to enable both small and large companies to be part of the effort.