Hub Germplasm

A key objective for IWYP is being able to translate research outputs into tangible prebreeding products which can be distributed for all who request seed. IWYP has developed a set of technical platforms or “Hubs” where outputs are validated for their effect on genetic yield potential and then combined in different ways to maximize this effect in diverse germplasm suitable for different wheat growing environments. This germplasm can then be used directly as a new variety or more likely as a parent to breed improved varieties suitable for a particular market / geography. The principal IWYP Hub is located at CIMMYT, Mexico with a further two hubs coming online in the near future.

The following list of germplasm is available for order from one of the three IWYP Hubs. This germplasm is offered as International Public Goods and made available non-exclusively though appropriate material transfer (MTA) and licensing agreements to all who request it.

IWYP Hub Seed Order Form

Please make your selections using the form below. Please remember to include the GID (“Germplasm Identifier”) in your list. Once you have made your selections please send the completed form to the IWYP Hub Coordinator, Jacinta Gimeno ( A total of 20g of seed is available for each line.

Additional phenotypic, and where available, allelic information for major genes can be found here: more information

A copy of the SMTA can be downloaded from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) here: SMTA with more information from CIMMYT here: SMTA FAQs

We would ask that the requestor inform IWYP of the fate of any line requested. If, for example, a line was used as a parent in a cross with the progeny later becoming a variety or if a line was directly released as a variety then it would be very beneficial for IWYP to use this information in measuring the success of the partnership.

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