IWYP At A Glance



What is IWYP?

  • A new and efficient model for funding and coordinating international research to address urgent global problems via science
  • An initiative with a goal to raise the genetic yield potential of wheat by 50% in 20 years
  • A strategy to “approach it differently” by building a coordinated, holistic and integrated science program that maximizes transparency and inclusiveness
  • A commitment to remain focused and stay on target
  • A program that seeks step-changes, takes risks
  • A program that is metrically driven to coordinate, plan and integrate results
  • A plan to deliver tangible outputs
  • A partnership with an aim to create impact worldwide, in breeding programs and most importantly in farmers’ fields

Who is IWYP?

  • Funding and research organization partners – provide the resources
  • Private industry partners – provide strategic direction for research, deployment, commercial products
  • Science and Impact Executive Board – provides overall strategy, operational direction and recommendations to Funders
  • Independent Managers – SIEB Chair, Program Director and Manager, Secretariat – administration, operations, coordination, science strategy implementation
  • Scientific Advisory Committee – advises IWYP management on elements of the IWYP Science Program and operations
  • Scientists – essential team member stakeholders who are selected to be creative, engaged, responsible, focused on delivery with a sense of urgency, collaborative and sharing

How IWYP Operates

  • Flexible mechanisms to allow Stakeholders to contribute resources
  • Competitive Calls to build international teams for impact
  • Alignment of existing directly relevant research (as Aligned Projects)
  • A central site for product development activities (IWYP Hub) supported by technical platforms and testing systems based at CIMMYT
  • Linking with the private sector
  • Connecting with other national and international programs
  • Managed by an independent Executive Board and Program Team to integrate discoveries into a coordinated and focused program
  • Projects are metrically driven (timelines, milestones, deliverables) and focused on delivery of tangible outputs with a high degree of urgency