Trait Linked Markers

Several research projects in the IWYP Science Plan have identified molecular genetic markers linked to target IWYP phenotypic and physiological traits that have the potential to be used in marker assisted selection (MAS) breeding strategies to improve the genetic yield potential of wheat. Below is a compilation of the current set of markers that have been discovered. Where these have been shown to have a demonstrated genetic effect on the trait(s) of interest, this is then indicated in the table below. For more information about a particular marker trait association (MTA) please refer to the publication (if listed) or contact the PI of the project directly.

Disclaimer: Markers listed as validated are considered diagnostic to the best of our knowledge and we would highly recommend that a user contact the originator of the discovery to confirm. In some instances, such as when applied in different genetic backgrounds the effect of selecting the favorable allele may not be apparent. Further, primers may behave differently when used in different laboratory situations and may require optimization.

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